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Upholstery Repair

Re-upholstery of furniture
Upholstery Repairs Specialist


We can re-upholster your worn out dining room chairs in a cover of your own choice or we can choose one for you in either leather or fabric and all can be done in your own home. The re-upholstered chairs are usable the minute they are finished.

We Can:
  1. Dismantle and re-assemble sofas, suites and chairs that are too big to fit into your new home. (Transport arranged if necessary)
  2. Modify your furniture.
  3. Manufacture seating to fit in awkward areas.

This service saves money on expensive pick up and delivery costs which are usually added on as part of the cost. So you save up to 30% on the total cost.

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In order for us to give you a quote and save time and money just send us some photos of the items you need re-upholstering stating the type of fabric or leather wanted and one of our team will either give you a quote over the phone or by email within 3 working days. If you prefer an on-site estimate contact us for our "Free On-Site Estimate Special" and simply mention our website.

Should you wish to proceed further a team member who will be a fully time served upholsterer will make an appointment to visit you with sample books and to answer any questions you might have about the methods used, return time or anything else you might be unsure about.

All upholsterers are qualified in antique and modern furniture re-upholstery.

Should you require your cherished furniture antique or modern to be complete or part re-upholstered this can be done with minimal fuss, simply use our contact page and if possible send photos of the items for us to assess and provide you with an accurate quote.
Antique furniture re-upholstery

Modern furniture re-upholstery

Leather Repairs

Leather Cleaning


All our technicians have undertaken extensive training from some of the best world reknown instructors and between them have successfully repaired thousands of chairs, sofas, suites, chaises and dining room chairs. The technicians will identify which type of leather the problem has occurred, aniline, semi aniline, pull up, bycast then repair the damage with the correct products for the type of leather.


Sometimes leather may look as if it is beyond repair and many people will buy new replacement furniture. In most cases this is not necessary. We can restore your leather suite to a point where it can be used for many years to come. Cracks, tears, pet damage may look worse than they really are. So it's worthwhile sending an email with a photo or speaking to one of our advisers for a quote.


Our cleaning service can bring your leather back to life, we use the best and safest cleaning products on the market in order for us to clean your furniture correctly. Prices vary according to what type of leather you have. A fully qualified leather technician will be on hand for any questions you may have.

  1. Scuffs
  2. Rips
  3. Tears
  4. Scratches
  5. Stain removal
  6. Nail varnish removal
  7. Colour loss
  8. Pet damage
  9. Cracking
  10. Restoration
  11. Re-Stitching
  12. Panel replacement
  13. Leather dye transfer
  14. Leather desk top replace or repaired
  15. Complete or part car interior seat restoration/repair/clean.
  1. Recliners repaired
  2. Full or part spring or webbing replaced
  3. Arm, back or seat defects repaired
  4. Foam replacement/padding
  5. Fiber back or seat re structured/filled
  6. Snapped or sagging frame rails repaired/replaced
  7. Castors replaced
  8. Caster blocks replaced/repaired
  9. All structural defects repaired
  10. Saggy/sunken seats repaired
  11. Cat/dog/rabbit/pet/kids/etc damage repaired
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