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Trade customers from manufacturing, retail, public, corporate companies and government services have been using our services for many years. If you are from any of these sectors please e-mail or call regarding commercial service.

Do you need your furniture repaired?
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Our system of inspection is simple.

Should you require an insurance quote for accident, shipping damage etc

There will be a minor fee paid to us on arrival. This fee will be laid aside and deducted from the cost of any work allocated to us from you on settlement with your insurers. Should you not use our company for any reason after the insurers have settled with you then the small fee will be our fee for the inspection and quote on the damaged items.

So as you can see, this still is a free quote!

The reports will consist of:
  1. Digital photographs of all damage
  2. Report on proposed work needed
  3. Full quote and costing
PLEASE NOTE: Some inspection company’s use inspectors with very little hands on knowledge of furniture. Any inspection from our company will be undertaken by a time served craftsman in his or her particular field.

  1. Hotels
  2. Medical
  3. TV Companies
  4. Office
  5. Warranty Companies
  6. Schools
  7. Leisure Industry
  8. Furniture Manufacturers
  9. Landlords
  10. Furniture retailers
  11. Letting agents
  12. Finance companies
  13. Estate agents Departments
14. Government
15. Airports
16. City Councils
17. Libraries
18. Retirement homes
19. Social services companies
20. Corporate importers
21. Furniture
22. Furniture retailers companies.
23. Car leasing
24. Insurance companies
Do you need your furniture repaired?
Contact Us For a No Obligation Quote Here
Commercial Reupholstery  
Commercial Reupholstery  
Commercial Reupholstery